Ifield Watermill

Ifield Watermill is located off Hyde Drive, Ifield, Crawley and is thought to be the only working Watermill in West Sussex still powered by its original water source, the Ifield millpond. There is evidence of the use of various ‘mills’ in the area from as early as 1274. The Ifield Watermill, rebuilt after a fire in 1683, was definitely in operation and used to grind corn from 1660 which it continued to do until the late 1920s after which it was left to deteriorate. It remained in this state until it was ‘discovered’ by a young lad who went home to tell his father Ted Henbery. Ted and the local rescue archaeologist, John Gibson-Hill, set up a restoration group in order to begin work on the Watermill. With other local enthusiast they campaigned to the Crawley Borough Council for permission to restore it. They were granted agreement and, with the kind donation of £10,000 from the previous owner, Mr. Gordon A. Wood, as well as the help of local companies, work began to restore the Watermill and rebuild the waterwheel in 1974 and today the watermill can boast a working waterwheel. The Watermill is now regularly open to the public, and work continues on the Watermill to this day

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